Paul Edmondson: Writers are Entitled to ALL Earnings, Removal of Content & Author Content

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Paul Edmondson: Writers are Entitled to ALL Earnings, Removal of Content & Author Content

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Rose Webster started this petition to Google Inc. and

Addendum January 29th, 2016: Please find my new video above (comprised of three short clips). In it, I explain the deceptive, unfair, and illegal Squidoo - HubPages business deal.

The previous video can still be viewed hereIt was proof that I was unable to delete my account BEFORE September 2nd, 2014 (when COO and cofounder of Squidoo, Corey Brown, stated that accounts would start to be transferred). Writers that deleted their accounts before September lost both July's (and almost all of) August's earnings. This is theft - writers earned money for Squidoo for these two months up until (and including) at least September 2nd, 2014. They (we) were NOT paid unless we agreed to a forced transfer of our work. Numerous authors have NEVER been reimbursed.

For over a year, HubPages has been breaking both federal and state laws by profiting from content (including identifying photos and videos) they imported without the prior consent of former Squidoo authors (even now deceased or ill authors who donated their Squidoo earnings to charity).

Despite my numerous public complaints and over 30 fact-filled articles, Paul Edmondson continues to ignore and block my attempts to contact him via Google Plus. I have been personally bullied and bashed by HubPages' staff and/or shills. I have filed complaints with the IC3, Consumer Affairs, and the Federal Trade Commission (accepted April 9th, 2015; reference no: 61039505).

My Consumer Affairs complaint (which includes screenshot proof) has 35,875 views (so far). Jonathan Nielsen (who granted me permission to post his complaint too) has 35,495 views on his Consumer Affairs complaint.

I have hit a brick wall with Amazon who refuses to disclose how much money my content has been earning for HubPages and Google refused to comply with my request to have my content removed from HubPages stating I needed "to seek legal recourse first."

A lawyer advised me that I would need (at least) $5,000 to take my case to federal court. (I cannot afford this).

My main goal with this petition is to nullify the HubPages' Terms of Use (it's the reason I never joined HubPages). 

1) I would like to see that all HubPages' authors are paid in full (past and present) no matter how they arrived on the site and whenever they choose to leave HubPages (including Amazon and eBay royalties).

2) I also wish this petition to enforce the need for all HubPages authors to have the right to delete their author content (including and especially their tax information, SSNs, and date of birth). The IRS determined years ago that HubPages does NOT require it, however, HubPages has made it a condition that current tax information must be surrendered BEFORE an author receives his or her rightful earnings.

I fear that without the above changes, that author content will be used for unethical and perhaps illegal purposes. What's more, no one is held to any contract by a company that breaks the law (and continues to do so).

For more, my 100 percent for charity article: HubPages is Breaking the Law

My Blog: RoseWrites | A Blog for the Underdog under "Not on HP" tab

Over 30 articles: RoseWrites NotonHubPages

How this will impact me? I can sleep at night knowing I tried to rectify this situation for hundreds of writers. I am certain honest authors and their charities were taken advantage of throughout this unethical and unlawful business deal between Squidoo and HubPages Inc.

If you have information regarding possible violations of state or federal statutes, rules, or regulations, or violations of fiduciary responsibility by HubPages Inc., call the California State Attorney General’s Whistleblower Hotline at 1-800-952-5225.

And if the Federal Trade Commission pursues my case (accepted on April 9th, 2015: REFERENCE NO: 61039505), I want half of the monies recovered to benefit the residents of Flint, Michigan.

Most respectfully,

Rose Webster

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