Homelessness; Housing First

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"Why can't they get a job? Why are they so lazy? They choose to be homeless." , are the statements and questions that go through the minds of many as they pass and observe those on the streets. The reality though is that the majority of the people on the streets are forced to populate the roads and camp on the sides due to financial problems and lack of public services. It is logically thought that the only way to flee their situation is by obtaining a job and then the rest will come easy like housing and medical help; although, Housing First holds the idea that one must be provided with housing first to then later obtain a job.  

According to an article published by The Los Angeles Times, L.A. Sees Another Sharp Rise in Homelessness and Outdoor Tents, "homelessness increased in the last year ... leaving nearly 47,000 people in the streets."  Clearly, homelessness has become an epidemic and has had no progress within the past years, with the already existing help like shelters which have been an approach for quite the time now.  

Instead of continuing with shelters that have little to no progress, the city of Los Angeles needs to take the initiative in the battle against homelessness by providing permanent housing. In an article published by The Los Angeles Times, 'Housing First' what L.A Can Learn from Utah on homelessness, "L.A county is one of the most expensive rental markets in the United States"(Lowery, 2016). In other words, one of the main causes, why people remain on the streets, is because of affordability, rent is much too expensive especially for someone who does not have a job at all. Housing First is this best policy to decrease and eliminate homelessness now that it will prioritize, " getting people off the streets and into permanent supportive housing" (Lowery, 2016). The system of payment is based on a subsidized plan which requires a person to pay partial cost producing something, in this case producing people with jobs to enable their contribution to the economy and for their own expenses. 

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