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Bring Lexi

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  Please sign this petition imploring California Attorney General Kamala Harris to take a second look at Lexis's allegations that she was sexually abused by her father.  We have serious concerns as to why  Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas  is not following the recommendations of Tustin Police Department and prosecuting the father for sexual abuse.  . We are also requesting a collateral investigation into the collusion and corruption involved in the  attempt  to cover up the abuse by CPS, attorneys, minors’ counsels, social workers and supervision monitors. The D.A. is likely rejecting this case to protect them and pander to his ardent campaign supporter, Al Stokke who happens to be the father's criminal defense lawyer. 


   Lexi is an innocent helpless little girl who desperately needs our help. Just like Gabriel Fernandez, this child has made multiple cries for help. Orange County Child Protective Services has failed to answer her calls for help and have instead  helped her  alleged abuser in obtaining custody of her.  Tustin Police Department even said it was mind boggling that CPS would defy their efforts to protect Lexi.  Kamala Harris, you are Lexi's last hope.  This sweet child is currently in an dangerous and unsafe environment with no help in sight.  Please Kamala Harris, come to Lexi's aid. 


   Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas has a decade long history of pandering to his campaign contributors and political supporters.  In 2002, the Orange County Grand Jury released a scathing report after an in-depth investigation of Tony Rackauckas.  The Grand Jury investigated an assortment of allegations against Mr. Rackauckas after three of his top prosecutors complained to the Attorney General's office.  As a result of the investigation, the panel accused Tony Rackauckas of punishing his enemies while rewarding friends and political backers with jobs or meddling in cases on their behalf.  The Grand Jury report contains serious allegations that Tony Rackauckas intervened in criminal cases at the request of political supporters. 


   The 2002 report specifically alleged conflicts with criminal defense attorney, Al Stokke, a long-time friend, campaign supporter and fundraiser for the DA.  The Grand Jury stated, "Mr. Stokke is a significant campaign contributor and co-hosted a very lucrative fundraiser for Mr. Rackauckas".  On multiple occasions over the years, Tony Rackauckas has been accused of intervening on behalf of Mr. Stokke's clients. Al Stokke is the criminal counsel for the alleged abuser, the father. 



Mr.  Stokke's incestuous relationship with the office of the Orange County District Attorney has been criticized by multiple grand jury investigations in which they cite Tony Rackauckas either failing to prosecute or giving lighter sentence's to Al Stokke's clients. There is strong evidence that the Office of the Orange County district attorney is conspiring to bury the evidence of their failure to protect this precious child.  


The 2012 Grand Jury report stated, "Orange county has a long history of ethicial violations by elected and appointed officials" and "Sadly it is the Grand Jury's hypothesis that untoward behavior continues and is actively festering in today's political environment."  The Grand Jury felt that corruption had permeated to all levels of Orange County government 


The Tustin Police Department after a year long in-depth investigation, recommended very serious charges be filed against the father.  They even removed Lexi from his home twice.  Please Kamala Harris, take a look into why Tustin PD felt Lexi was not safe in the father's home.  It appears Tony Rackauckas's priority is his campaign supporters not our  children.   



   This helpless little girl needs someone to come to her aid and she needs a true advocate of justice. Kamala Harris, we are asking you to be Lexi's advocate for justice  and  we the people are requesting Attorney General Kamala Harris  to take over the investigation of this child’s father. We also implore a criminal investigation of the social workers that have handled Lexi’s case as well as an investigation of the Minor’s councils that have been involved in her case.  Gabriel Fernandez was allowed to be tortured to death, please do not let his death be in vain.  Gabriel Fernandez's case clearly shows that social workers can and do make mistakes.  Please Kamala Harris, do not let Lexi become the next Gabriel Fernandez. 


 A wise man once said, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say that you did not know.”  Kamala Harris, please do not be the one to look the other way. Please, Kamala Harris, stand up and do your part to help bring Lexi home to those that love her and will protect her. 


Bring Lexi home


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