What is really going on with shelter animals?

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Most people who no longer want their pets and leave them at shelter probably think they´re doing the right thing. But rescue shelters are always at a capacity, and there are many more animals being abandoned each day than there is to give homes that welcome pets in. Once a pet is left at a shelter, it only has around 72 hours to be adopted before it´s euthanized. The fact remains that each day in the U.S. around 4,100 dogs and cats are killed in shelters. And over 6.5 million animals are put to shelters every year.

But there are also many ways to help and support animal euthanasia. Adopting a dog or cat can save their lives! Rescue Groups and Foster Care are also really helpful. And Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services reduces the number of animals entering shelter systems, allowing more resources to be allocating toward saving their lives.

Fewer animals are euthanized each year, but it still happens. Since the 1970s the estimates were somewhere around 13 to 15 million animals being euthanized a year. But now we´re down to just a little over 3 million a year. Thats amazing, but that still means that we have millions of animals losing their lives in animal shelters every year. So until we get to zero healthy, adoptable animals losing their lives each year, we should consider making a change! It would be really amazing to show your  support!