Sammy's Bill: Providing Women More Options & Viable Fetuses A Fighting Chance At Life!

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The Issue
CDC reported a total of 862K abortions for 2017.  1.3% of abortions were equal to or greater than 20 weeks gestation. The cut-off age for abortion in California is 24-weeks gestational age.  Recent scientific studies are showing a 75% survival rate with 24-week fetuses; most experience mild to no neurological and developmental issues by their second birthday.  These positive outcomes are primarily due to recent advancements in neonatal intensive care and neonatal science.  As a result of these new advancements, many 24-week fetuses chosen for abortions are potentially viable fetuses by today's medical standards. Moreover, studies show many women who experience late-term abortions suffer from emotional distress and conflict for many decades, if not for their lifetime.
Existing Law
The Supreme Court does not define viability because they say the point of viability varies. The court ruled; viability could only be determined on a case-by-case basis and by the woman's doctor.  The same doctor who, due to state abortion laws, may not have the ability to perform an ultrasound to assess accurate fetal viability and a more exact gestational age.
Sammy's Bill
With this Bill and your help, women would have an additional option for themselves and their potentially viable fetuses. Sammy’s Bill would like to provide women the ability to induce labor via pre-term induction procedures with fetal-safeguarding protocols. A pre-term induction procedure ends her pregnancy but does not terminate the life of her potentially viable fetus. Sammy’s Bill would create a state law allowing women an additional choice as well as an alternative option, where women can request a pre-term induction procedure versus a dilation and evacuation procedure if the fetus is deemed potentially viable by her doctor.  Hospitals with neonatal intensive care units throughout California are already successfully saving "wanted" 24-week and older fetuses by utilizing the same pre-term induction protocols. We now have safer protocols that address successfully the plethora of complications that use to compromise the mothers' and fetuses' welfare during pre-term pregnancies. Further, we have nurses, forever adoptive parents, and the infrastructure already in place via our non-profit organization, "Angels In Waiting" ready to help these infants should their mothers choose to relinquish them. To Learn More & Support Us