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Change the law to help fund animal rescue groups.

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ANIMAL RESCUE FINANCIAL ACT   This petition is about animal cruelty/abuse and the rescue groups involved in trying to save them.  Millions of homeless animals, and many senior animals, are dumped at the animal shelters simply to save the family the cost of proper euthanasia. This is not acceptable!  Many of these animals NEED medical attention that the shelters simply CAN NOT afford to provide.  The rescue groups are CONTINUALLY asking for donations to provide medical care for these abused/abandoned animals since this is all volunteer work.  In the shelters the animals are usually NOT given ANY medical attention.  How would YOU feel if YOU had a broken leg, or had a stomach virus and the doctors/hospitals simply let you lie in a corner, in pain, until they put you to sleep? {sometimes in horrible ways such as HEART STICKS, OR GASSING}   Further the AKC should charge a "bond" of $5,000 per breeding animal registered {requiring proper chipping or tattoo for ID attached to the papers for each named animal} and each puppy {or kitten} should be chipped or tattooed at birth.    I/we propose the following:
If a person/perpetrator is caught, or known to the police, neighbors, the courts, Animal Control, Shelter Personnel, or the Humane Society of the United States or convicted of being  abusive to animals, then that person's bank account, savings account, 401 K, whatever assets they own, should immediately be frozen and made available to the rescue group.  After the rescue has saved the animal, ALL vet bills, foster care expenses, and the animal having been found a "forever" home paid in full, the remaining funds can be returned to the abuser.  THEN they can pay the court fines from what is left.

  EACH young animal should carry a $500 bond BEFORE BEING SOLD.  If the animal is ever in the shelter the bond would be used for rescuing fees.  If a registered pet goes to the shelter the $500 bond goes to the rescue group, a second pet {from the same breeder} enters the shelter, it would require a $1,000 fine from the breeder's bond and a third time in any shelter would take the entire $5,000 bond and breeder lose breeding privileges and registering with AKC for life.   This would help save a lot more animals.


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