Demand Kaiser Permanente provide Nathanael Wolski rehabilitation services specific to SCI

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Nathanael (Nathan) Wolski, age 19, just completed his freshman year at CSULB studying computer science when he was injured in a devastating beach accident in Southern California on Friday, June 26. Nathan has been diagnosed with incomplete quadriplegia. 

After a few surgeries and some complications, Nathan’s condition stabilized and he was transported to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado for the acute inpatient rehabilitation portion of his recovery. Craig Hospital is nationally ranked as a leader In the treatment and rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Kaiser has denied Nathan’s care at this facility and other facilities specializing in SCI. Kaiser approved a facility (Rancho Los Amigos) that specializes in hip and knee replacements (according to U.S News and World Report).

We are asking Kaiser to provide and pay for the appropriate services specific to SCI. Kaiser’s Vision...”Kaiser Permanente are trusted partners in TOTAL HEALTH, collaborating with people to help them THRIVE and creating communities that are among the healthiest in the nation.” Denying a 19 year old boy rehabilitative services specific to SCI after a devastating injury is not in compliance with their vision.

Nathan has a significant chance of recovery that includes walking if he receives the appropriate rehabilitation specific to SCI. Kaiser chose to disregard every physician and specialist recommending the appropriate SCI services. Kaiser denied peer to peer conversations with the physician’s caring for Nathan regarding their recommendations. The World Health Organization states “SCI care is a good indicator of how the overall health system works-or fails to work.” Kaiser’s system is failing! Please support Nathan in his journey to walk again by signing this petition.