Pedestrian Problems and Road safety in madinaguda and Chandanagar

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Dear sir, 

We are the residents of madinaguda, Hyderabad. This area has seen phenomenal growth In last five years. The proximity to all the amenities makes this area one of the most promising area. 

However,  in the last couple of years,  systematically, this has become a nightmare for the residents due to existing road conditions. I Will now explain below how good Roads have systematically become curse for the pedestrians

1. There use to exist a service lane which is merged into main carriageway in violation of national road standard (

2. All the traffic lights are closed from Allwyn Cross road to Bhel Cross road thereby all the vehicle going in each direction pick up speed from both the side when they reach madhinaguda.

3. The "U" turns are placed in more than 2 KM's range which also makes vehicle speed up and all the vehicle tend of go in wrong lane

4. Not a single Zebra Cross or Pedestrian crossing lights are in place. One Pedestrian crossing light opposite bajaj electronic is not in Operations.  

5. The Median height is very low which makes pedestrian dare the incoming vehicle.

6. A Lot of school are nearby (Genesis Public School, St. Ann, Chetanya etc.) and we are putting hundreds of thousands of students at risk every day.   

In Light of all of this, I have following recommendation to solve this menace.

1. Traffic Light become functional near R S Brothers (Which is already there but traffic police has made is  non functional)

2. Footpath for Pedestrian is constructed with a Zebra Crossing every 500 mts.

3. A Foot over bridge is already approved near Madhinaguda but work has not yet started. Request GHMC to expedite.

4. Median of the Roads to be increased so that pedestrian also do not cross road from everywhere.  

I hope together we can build Bangaru Telangana 


Rohit Kumar Samar