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Remove the Pharmacy Surprise ad from airplay and issue an apology.

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After seeing the commercial for the first time, I was immediately offended and appalled at the lack of sensitivity and ignorance that is condoned by your company. In this commercial, the wife says, “I don’t really have migraines.” While this statement may seem innocent on the surface, it only furthers the negative stigma that migraine sufferers live with on a daily basis. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease that afflicts 18% of women and 7% of men. It’s the THIRD most common disorder on earth and THE most debilitating neurological disorder. Yet, the stigma is persistent, and that stigma causes us more grief and increases the burden of the disease. I have personally faced harassment that led to a long bout of major depression. I am currently in therapy for that very reason. Along with millions of others, I live with this stigma EVERYDAY. On June 7 of this year, a 22 year old migraine sufferer name Melissa Dwyer committed suicide due to the severe pain and stigma she lived with on a daily basis. It was just too much for her to handle.
For your company to trivialize migraine disease in this commercial is not only insensitive and inappropriate, but it is also borderline unethical for a company of your size and influence. Would you dare script the mother say, “I lied, I don’t really have breast cancer” or a father to say, “I don’t really have prostate cancer”? No, I doubt that you would. We, your customers, deserve better. Melissa Dwyer deserves better.
On behalf of the millions of people currently suffering from migraine disease, I implore you to take this commercial off the air and issue a public apology for lacking empathy and good judgment in airing this ad. I personally have access to a large network of individuals (over 10,000 unique individuals) and I will be suggesting a boycott of both Sears and Kmart until this matter has been resolved. I will also be suggesting that each and every person offended by this commercial contact you.

If you have not seen the commerical... please click this link.. 

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