Open U turn on Inner Ring Road during non peak hours

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The first U turn available on Inner Ring Road in Domlur Layout is 1.5 km from Old Airport Road start. This results in immense inconvenience for people living on both sides of Inner Ring Road. There were three U turns in the same stretch before and Bangalore Traffic Police closed them to manage peak hour traffic.

While the residents alongside Inner Ring Road understand the need of managing traffic there is no justification in not allowing U turn during non peak hours and holidays. It is foolish to make people take 3 KM round trip just to cross road when there is hardly any person on the road on holidays.


This results in rampant reverse traffic of two and three wheelers endangering the pedestrians. Numerous senior citizens have been injured by two and three wheelers who ply on wrong side of road.

Our demand

Please open  U turn/s on Inner Ring Road during non peak hours and holidays. 

Similar arrangement exist on HAL airport road under the flyover. Please use the same logic for Inner Ring Road


  • Significant fuel saving due to reduction in non productive 3 Km U turn trips.
  • Reduction in pollution
  • Pedestrian safety