To oppose the decision of Telangana State CM KCR to provide reservation hike upto 69%

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Mr. K Chandrashekar Rao,The Chief Minister of Telangana state of India Has decided to provide Reservation Hike upto 69% for Scheduled tribes and muslim minority.

We the youth of this country have bared enough of this reservation system of our nation which is based on caste. The state chief has decided to provide a hike to reservation upto 69% which is almost 70% seats in educational institutions will be reserved for these minorities.

My Question is,Where do the General Category students go? Students of OCs are forced to take up paid/donation seats because we suffer due to this decision & we already are. The top colleges in the country are filled with reserved candidates & minority of general candidates.

The quality of education is highly deprived and only the marks and ranks based on caste system is what matters.

Is it the fault of these plenty of bright young minds that they are born in "General castes"?

There is something very wrong with the education system here. Where caste discrimination is encouraged & talents take a back row.

Most of us are aware of the Rohit Vemula incident which took place in the University of Hyderabad.Do innocent people like Rohit deserve this?

The people from these castes have to face so much of discrimination & they get labeled as lower sect of society.

Each & every person deserves equality in the society.

It is essential to promote equality in this nation.

Youth of this nation including that of Telangana state demands to be recognised by their abilities, NOT their Caste!

Please Oppose this decision and make the future of our youth bright.