Get 3RACHA on Spotify

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3RACHA are the predebut hip-hop rap group consisting of Bang Chan, Han Jisung & Seo Changbin of nine-member iconic as hell k-pop boy group, Stray Kids. 

Artists and groups under the Korean entertainment company, JYP Entertainment, were only added to Spotify earlier on in the year, and since 3RACHA is not an official debuted group or sub-unit, their music wasn't added onto Spotify alongside their other artists. Even though 3RACHA are essentially three members of Stray Kids, the music of 3RACHA alone is of mass appeal to many many people around the globe who are only able to stream their music from platforms such as Soundcloud and YouTube, where the members uploaded their tracks themselves.

3RACHA as a trio deserve so much more recognition that they get. Their music represents the hard work they put in before they even debuted officially as part of Stray Kids in March this year. I don't care if we have to fund the fees ourselves to get their music on Spotify, all I care about is that their music gets put onto essentially the most popular music platform used all over the world by millions of people since they deserve so much more exposure that they get.

3RACHA even have an official Wikipedia page, which shows that debuted or not, they are an official music group - you can check that out here:

So if you agree that 3RACHA should definitely be added to Spotify, then please sign this petition. I don't know if this will even work but I'm not going to just not try.

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