Don’t Force Our Woojin

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Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids is sudden and has hurt both us Stays and the Stray Kids members clearly. The reason being personal reasons is very vague. If Woojin left on his own terms, then that is okay; it will hurt but we will always stand by his side.

If Woojin was forced out of the group by the company by an inadequate reason, we demand him to be added back to the group or at least be given the choice. Having him leave for perhaps dating, or being a different orientation, or for an issue that isn’t morally wrong but the company doesn’t like, should not be an excuse for his forced absence.

Laatly, we know what companies are capable of and we don’t want you to hurt Woojin. If he does go on a separate path, don’t make his life harder. Let him choose what he wants to do, either continue as a solo singer, become an actor, or just leave the industry and general. 

Woojin, we are right behind you.


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