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Spare the life of Marius the giraffe at Jyllands Park Zoo


The world has lost one beautiful and graceful giraffe when Copenhagen Zoo killed Marius the giraffe.  Now, Jyllands Park Zoo wants to kill yet another giraffe also named Marius.  

   We are begging Jylland's Park Zoo to please begin a new trend by showing that there is a more compassionate alternative to surplus animals or animals deemed not fit to breed within your zoo.  Allow Marius, the giraffe within your care, to live out his days at a sanctuary or wildlife park.  Please, do not kill another animal when there are so many other options.  

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Park Zoo
Jyllands Park Zoo
Please spare the life of Marius the giraffe. You have the power to show the world that there is another way, a compassionate way. Please do the right thing for the world and for Marius.