Save the Calgary ski jumps!

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Winsport, the not-for-profit organization charged with maintaining and operating the legacy facilities from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games, has unilaterally made the decision to permanently close and demolish the ski jumping complex in Calgary.  Winsport says it costs $500,000 per year to operate and maintain the jumps, yet Winsport has never provided proof or allowed any outside organization to examine their financial reports.  

Winsport's failure to live up to its original mandate to be the home for amateur and high-performance sport in Canada has put the very survival of two longstanding Olympic sports in extreme jeopardy: ski jumping and Nordic Combined. Without the Calgary jumps, Canada will have no year-round grassroots ski jumping program and no large jumps for our senior athletes to train on. This means Canada will eventually have no athletes competing in ski jumping or Nordic combined.

We cannot let Canadian ski jumping and Nordic combined die!  

But it doesn't have to be this way.  YOU CAN HELP!

The Calgary ski jumps are more than hardware and budgets. They’re about people. Athletes. Our children. Our future. Winsport's actions are a declaration that our kids don't matter. Well, we think they do!  Don't let Winsport get away with turning their backs on our athletes by turning Canada Olympic Park into a theme park.

Join our petition demanding the federal and provincial governments step in to examine Winsport's financial reports, and find a way to keep the ski jumping complex in Calgary open and operational.  

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