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To boost funding into schools to improve mental health support and education

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Hello, my name is Scarlett and with the help of my friend, we started the #mindmovement campaign.

We are 2 teenagers who have seen first hand the sort of mental health problems people our age have had to deal with, from stress to anxiety and everything in between. So we decided, something must be done. Numbers for mental health problems in under 18s are only going to get worse if nothing is done to help. 

 We want to get more mental health ‘councillors ’ in schools. These councillors would be even more well-trained than they are now and there would hopefully be more of them. We believe this will take the strain off the NHS,where waiting times are extremely long,The average wait for effective treatment is 10 years because It can take a long time  for many young people to receive help after showing first symptoms. 

We want more mental health councillors in schools because if the problem was targeted there , it could help students to be educated about mental health and receive counselling if need be. We know that there are already school councillors at the moment but these suffer from lack of availability and funding. So we would like the government to make sure that there were plenty of councillors in schools.

People just starting out in the counselling industry could gain experience and money from helping students at schools and also people who want to volunteer at schools could help too and obviously current school councillors could still continue with their fantastic work. The whole country would benefit from a whole generation that are educated on mental health and a generation that also have the tools needed to tackle mental health issues. We all want to make a change, so let this injustice that the most vulnerable in our society face, be the thing you help us to change.

50% of mental health problems are established by age 14, help us to help those people affected actually know how to deal with their problem,there and then, instead of them having to cope for years without any help.

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