Canadian Youth Demand Climate Action

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Climate change is an environmental, economic, and humanitarian crisis. The government's current environmental plan is inadequate to ensure a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future for us, the youth of Canada and our unborn children. Our government's current plan leads to more investment in non-renewable energy and the continuation of subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. If parliament does not take action to transition to renewable sources of energy and fails to set aggressive emissions reduction targets in line with Canada’s COP 21 commitments, our future will be in jeopardy.

We the youth call upon our government to take swift action to transition to green energy. We demand the immediate end of fossil fuel subsidies and new fossil fuel projects (pipelines, refineries, e.t.c). We request that the government creates an aggressive plan to encourage carbon free energy projects to create a stable and sustainable intergenerational energy strategy that will meet or exceed the emission targets set by the Paris Accord.