Winnie: Not JUST a Pot-belly Pig...A beloved family member

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A few days back, we received a piece of paper at our door that would change our entire existence. "You have 30 days to rehome", "Section blah blah blah, housing Swine.."

Winnie is our 1 year old Pot-belly pig rescue. She is around 80 pounds and she is as much a household member and family pet as our dog, cats or other animals. Something that most people do not understand about pigs, they are quite smart and resilient! Winnie can sit and spin upon command! She knows her name and will come running for treats. She is completely litter trained and never goes outside of her litter box. 

Winnie is a family member.. We rescued her from a young couple about 6-7 months ago. They went in thinking "Oh yay, a tiny cute pig!" Little did they know, a pig is a lot of work, love, money and dedication.

Since having Winnie, we have spayed her, fully vaccinated her, had her hooves trimmed...managed to bathe her. Winnie loves lettuce, carrots, bananas, muffins, cookies and all other sorts of treats!

Winnie is more than a pig...more than swine! She is so much more than a farm animal. Winnie is beautiful , loving and brilliant! If she were to be removed from us, it would completely devastate not only her, but us as well. PLEASE, join us in our fight to keep our loving Winnie with our family in Barrie, Ontario (Canada) !