Pro-Choice Against Mandatory Vaccines for School Age Children in BC.

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Consolidating petitions, as it turns out more than one person felt compelled to allow others to speak against this motion. 

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I don't believe this petition needs a compelling script as this petition is not here to convince anyone. This petition, was created to allow those who are already in support of pro choice in regards to vaccinations and against mandatory medical procedures like vaccines. 

This petition is against the motion of making vaccinations mandatory in school-age children as proposed in this Vancouver Sun article on February 14th 2019. This article can be read here where you can also vote on a poll.

2. In addition this petition is also going to be pro bringing a vaccine injury compensation program to BC. Quebec offers one, why not BC? 

Iso fair injury claims for all.  Mandatory to offer a Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan in BC. Just like they have in Quebec and just like they have in the states. 

Read about the Canadian and Quebec's Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan or there lack of. Click on the following links to read more.

Please, support us in sharing this petition. It is up to us to share: email, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, your groups, your pages and anywhere else you can share. Why is this important? Because, you know for damn sure this won't get the same media coverage as the petition that is pro mandatory vaccines for school age children. Rather you're for or against it really doesn't matter. What really matters is keeping intact our rights to choice, our rights to our bodies, and the rights this country was founded on.

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