Government, R​.​C.M​.​P. and Church must be held accountable for Residential school horror!

Government, R​.​C.M​.​P. and Church must be held accountable for Residential school horror!

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                                            Time For Action

The horrific and torturous history of Canada's residential schools has literally been unearthed recently and NOW is the time to act. We can't let this become forgotten as last week's news feed. Hard and immediate action must be taken. The Canadian government, R.C.M.P., the Holy Catholic Church and the Apostolic Church must be held accountable.

This is less of a petition and more a “list of demands”. The systemic and widely expanded nature of the residential school violations can not be forgotten or understated. Right now, we are at a pivoting point for our country and it's many different people. This is a Time For Action!

1. Support for a class action lawsuit against the Catholic Church that would hold them accountable as the facilitators and orchestrators of horrific hate crimes against children and parents. For creating a brutal and racist system of forced, violent indoctrination emulated and adapted by some of the worst dictators in history. Please understand that your support does not demean your belief in God or any Creator, it only enforces the belief of peace, love and understanding.

2. Reparations for survivors, victims and descendants of the residential school horrors. The psychological and physical ramifications from rape and torture are scientifically confirmed to have detrimental effects for multiple generations. Compensation needs to be paid as a small token of accountability.

 3. A thorough and immediate inspection using ground penetrating radar on the grounds and surrounding areas of all known residential school sites. The amount of violations revealed by thousands of indigenous children and parents indicates that this was not an isolated incident. Closure must be found for all victims of these inhumanities.

4. Remaining residential school buildings and/or land given to indigenous peoples to either repurpose as they wish or demolish. This act of catharsis could help, in a small way, to heal the tragic wounds suffered at the hands of true villains.

5. The truth and transparency of the Residential school inhumanities must be taught as history or social studies curriculum in all Canadian schools. The obvious and encompassing cover up by the government and catholic church only shows they knew the barbarism of their acts for over a century and a half. This can not be allowed to happen again. Teaching the true history to younger generations is the only way to evolve because this can't happen again.

6. Depictions, murals or statues of any involved priests, nuns or politicians taken down from their current point of prominence. Nobody should have to see their rapist/torturer raised on a pedestal and revered.

7. Inquiries and investigations, both civil and criminal, into those savages behind this beastly systemic rape, torture and cultural genocide. The exploitations at the hands of priests, nuns and politicians could be considered some of the most loathsome acts perpetrated on children in all of history.

Along with this “list of demands”, a call to action must be made from the current and future Canadian government for less bureaucracy and strict urgency in the many civil violations First Nations people live with everyday.

1. There must be a real commitment towards clean water. Despite being one of the most water-rich nations in the world, for generations Canada has been unwilling to guarantee access to clean water for Indigenous peoples. Currently 73 percent of First Nations water systems are at high or medium risk of contamination. Imagine if 73 percent of Canada's cities and towns were contaminated. How quickly would that be funded and resolved?

2. There needs to be more urgency and a stronger commitment towards the missing and murdered indigenous women investigations. Government statistics show that Indigenous women and girls across Canada face much higher rates of violence than all other women and girls. This needs to stop now!

3. Deeper inquiries and transparency into the sexual violence occurring still everyday in man camps. Substantial evidence shows heavily funded and politician backed projects are often permitted without a thought given towards the influx of sexual violence against women and children. How long must First Nations children and parents endure these acts and coverups?

Right now, is a teachable moment. First Nations have been considered second class citizens for centuries and the residential schools are a blatant and disgusting example of that. We all must use this moment to learn and move forward with full transparency.

First Nations culture, language and innocence has been savagely ripped away from for too long and enough is enough. It is Time For Action!

Here are a few information sites. Please educate yourself so we don't repeat these atrocities again!


Please email or post to make your voice heard:

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


Twitter:  @JustinTrudeau

The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous Services


Twitter: @MarcMillerVN

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations


Twitter: @Carolyn_Bennett

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