The Liberals are accessing your private bank info. Say "NO" to Trudeau!

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Summary: The Liberal Government supports Stats Can in gather the personal financial information of 500,000 Canadians from the Banks without respecting our Privacy rights or asking our permission.

Personal story: We are concerned citizens who feel this action disrespects and violates our right to privacy.

The issue: The Prime Minister has broken the laws that cover our right to Privacy (PIPEDA) by authorizing Stats Can to collect the personal financial and banking information/history from Canadian Banks for 500,000 citizens/residents. It is our understanding that this has been done twice since 2016. It is not a one time request and will be repeated as Stats Can finishes culls through the private data collected, probably on an annual basis.. The Banking system is breaking the privacy laws (PIPEDA) by providing the information to Stats Can. The big three banks have come out today to say they have not responded to this request with no mention of the last two. Candace Bergan MP says it has already been done - so which bank provided our info?

The Federal government has access to our earnings but they want all transactions made with our after tax dollars including banking transfers to family members, payments made for services or products, including mortgages, credit cards and utilities. We maintain they do not have the right to this information without our signed authorization per the Privacy Act and Andrew Scheer has confirmed this in a statement. We want the Federal Government to cease and desist with regards to the collection of our banking information. We also ask the Banks to refuse to send our information to Stats Can citing PIPEDA immediately and in future.

Take action! Sign our petition because YOU (your friends & relatives) could be one of the 500,000 Canadians whose privacy rights have been or are being violated right now - and could be in the future. The Government has no right to this information. Why do they need it?

If this petition is unsuccessful, we will call for Canadians to remove their money from Canadian Banks that do not comply and move to a cash payment system. We will also consider a class action law suit against those banks who have complied and the PMO's office.