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Stricter Federal regulations regarding the usage of lethal force towards Canadian wildlife

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On May 6th, 2016, a British Columbia conservation officer euthanized an orphaned black bear, approximately 50 kilometres outside the northeastern city of Dawson Creek. Before euthanizing a wild animal, a conservation officer must receive confirmation from the wildlife society. Despite the conservation officer deeming the animal unresponsive, a situation like this was undoubtedly avoidable. The Northern Lights Wildlife Society in British Columbia had already confirmed that they would rehabilitate the cub until it was fit to be released back into the wild. This organization is quite successful with the rehabilitation of black bears as they have saved a total of 350 over the past 26 years. Due to the severity of the issue, the Association for Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) has released multiple statements, pressuring British Columbia’s government to modify their wildlife laws.

Despite the current event within British Columbia, Federal laws and regulations must be modified in order to ensure that lethal force towards wildlife is being used responsibly throughout all of Canada. Although regulations with regards to the usage of lethal force towards wildlife encounters have been established, they must be adjusted in the animals favour. A greater effort must be put forth in order to ensure the safety and well being of Canada’s wildlife. Wildlife laws and regulations throughout all of Canada must assure the public that every exhaustible non-lethal method was used before destroying the animal.

In Canada, there are approximately 676 endangered species, while 456 of these species are animals. Over 11 species have gone extinct within Canada, while a large quantity of species are either extirpated, endangered, threatened or vulnerable to extinction. As each year progresses these numbers increase due to human forces, whether it be hunting, roadway collisions, pollution or euthanasia. Therefore, our goal is to establish stricter Federal regulations regarding the usage of lethal force towards wildlife encounters. The well-being of Canada's wildlife must be protected and preserved in order to ensure a healthy and diverse environment for future generations.

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