COVID-19 - Stop the Problem - Wild Life Markets/Animal Markets

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The suspected 'spillover' from Wildlife and Animal Markets, who endure horrendous conditions, are once again our current global concern. - COVID-19.  In the past, Eboli, SARS, MERS ... when will this come to end, and at what price?  The price we are paying now is TOO HIGH and we will continue to pay as long as these markets are able to continue.  

Selling partially cooked animal meat from primates, bats, camels, dogs, etc. are apparently at the heart of such pandemics.  Why is the Canadian Government and other world governments tolerating such deplorable, inhumane conditions to occur with our precious wildlife and domesticated animals than in turn, creating such horrendous conditions for humans as the current COVID-19 covering our globe? WHY?!   Please sign and send a strong message to our government that these markets will no longer be tolerated.

The real solution is getting to the heart of the problem and eliminate these animal markets. 

The email address of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: