Stop the Government from forcing CP Workers back to work!

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Slight update due to back to work legislation being passed.* The back to work legislation passed by the Senate removes all leverage the workers and union holds. You will be forcing Canadian workers back into a situation where they are in dangerous work environments with unequal and unfair treatment and wages. It will show Canadian's that you will take the side of corporations and not your people.

Be better, Canada. We take care of our people.

This problem could be solved by not forcing Canada Post workers back to work. Also by mediation to come to an agreement. If you are going to force someone's hand. Don't do it at the cost of hard working citizens.

Personal story
I do not work for Canada Post. I just stand in solidarity and will be completely devistated to see my government, in this country I am so proud to call me own, be responsible for the mistreatment of Postal Workers.