Stop Pandemics at the Source

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COVID19 has been running rampant around the world - directly effecting everyone's life, family and livelihoods. We all know where this illness began - in the wet markets of China.

We are calling on the governments of the hardest hit nations - the US, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Britain, Germany and Australia - and those with a vested interest, to demand that Chinese, Thai and African Governments put an absolute and permanent stop to their wet markets. Not only is the Wuhan wet market the source of the current COVID pandemic, it is also widely agreed that Chinese wet markets were the source of previous pandemics such as SARS, MERS and H1N1.

Wet markets are notorious for the transmission of zoonotic diseases due to the butchering and extremely horrific and unsanitary living conditions of many animals, including exotic species like bats and civets, as well as domesticated animals like dogs and cats. Living in cages upon cages, piled on top of one another, the stress of captivity weakens the animals' immune systems and creates an environment where mutating viruses can slip from one species to another through viral shedding. 

Humanity mobilized as a global force to fight Coronavirus - we are seeing it in action. Let's mobilize again, as a global community, to stop another pandemic from emerging in the future. By shutting down the problem AT THE SOURCE, we can change the future of our planet and the lives of future generations.