Stop killing the Oceans and Marine Life. Today is Canada's #LastStraw.

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My name is Rohan Jain. I am a 17 year old student in Toronto, Ontario. I have been running an environmental blog called the A few days ago, I was researching plastic and came across these horrifying facts:

  1. 10 metric tons of plastic are dumped in the Pacific Ocean everyday. As of March 23rd, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 3x the size of France, 2x the size of Texas and makes up 40% of the ocean. This has led to the death of Albatrosses, sea turtles and other creatures.
  2. We are exposed to plastic each day in our food and water bottles. To make matters even worse, these microplastics are consumed daily by everyone.
  3. If we do not change our ways, the oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050.

For a second, I want you to think about the devastating effects that plastic has on our health and the environment.

Some Facts about Straws

  1. Of the 8 million metric tonnes of plastic dumped in the ocean each year, plastic straws are amongst the top 10.
  2. 1 billion plastic straws are globally consumed daily. This equals for a grand total of 365 billion plastic straws globally consumed each year
  3. 1/2 of this amount is consumed in the United States.

Why Straws?

  • Plastic Straws are found pretty much everywhere - Examples are restaurants, bars, amusement parks, hotels, the Starbucks around the corner, and even our own homes. 
  • Do we really need plastic straws? There are a vast amount of eco-friendly options that are bio-degradable. 

Our Goal - June G7 Summit 2018

In April 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has skirted around plastic straws, merely stating he would be open for suggestions and would like to discuss the issue with fellow G7 nations during the June 8-9 G7 Summit. However, we do not want the Canadian government backing out on a great start to fixing our polluted oceans and environment. In fact, Britain has banned plastic straws effective in 2019. We want Prime Minister Trudeau, the Canadian government, and the world to know that Canadians expect a similar response. Canada says: This is our #LastStraw.