Stop illegal border crossing in Canada

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We are calling on the government to stop the illegal border crossings and we say no to illegal immigration. 

For the first time, Illegal border crossers are outpacing conventional refugees, as in the first three months of 2018 over 5,052 asylum seekers were intercepted by the RCMP. This is in comparison to 4,475 people who filed refugee claims through conventional channels such as airports and official border stations.

If this activity continues not only does it undermine our integrity, it threatens Canadians' safety, economic well-being and will overwhelm our social programs, specifically healthcare and affordable housing to a degree not seen before.

This is fairly problematic for every person who applies legally to become a refugee as Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board can only process about 1000 to 2,000 cases per month. Meaning that it is simply impossible to process applicants in any timely manner.