Stop BWXT’s Licence Renewal: Shut Down the Uranium Processing Plant

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We demand you the elected representatives, the government of Canada, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) revoke the operating licence of the BWXT uranium fuel processing plant at 1025 Lansdowne Avenue in Toronto.

Uranium is toxic, carcinogenic, and radioactive. BWXT acknowledges it releases uranium into Toronto’s air and water and that “airborne particles can expose members of the public via inhalation.” The closer you reside to this processing plant, the more likely it is you are inhaling and ingesting these materials.

We do not accept that this is safe in a densely populated area and we reject the outdated annual release limits set by the CNSC which allow a maximum of 760 grams of uranium to be released into the air and 9,000 kilograms of uranium to be released into the sewer every year. 

We demand the CNSC commit to holding BWXT’s licence renewal hearing in person in Toronto in addition to being held in Peterborough.  We demand the CNSC hold the Toronto portion of the hearing in the community within walking distance of the plant.  The current plans of the CNSC to hold a hearing in Peterborough with video conferencing available at the Holiday Inn in Yorkdale is designed to discourage public participation from Toronto.  

We also demand the CNSC and BWXT place large signage on Lansdowne and Brandon Avenues in Toronto informing the public of the upcoming licence renewal hearing.