Small Business COVID-19 Support

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Federal Relief Plan from Rent, Utilities and Mortgages for Small Businesses

We are in the middle of a global crisis because of the COVID-19 Virus and are being told to practice social distancing and it has impacted many small businesses. Many small, local businesses are facing an economical disaster, many of which will not be able to come back from. Small business owners are self employed, many rely on clients to book appointments to produce revenue to pay for not just business expenses but also personal ones as well. How are they expected to survive and continue paying shop rent, utility bills and mortgages? The things happening in our world are completely out of their control and if there is no financial plan for small business such as paid leave, a plan to suspend rent, mortgages and utility payments so that they can make the right decision and close their doors to practice social distancing. How are they expected to go on? Many small businesses are not considered "essential" are are being forced to close, but this has been a struggle as most have no other resources to pull from and will be forced to close permanently and potentially force them into bankruptcy. Not only will this be detrimental to our business owners, but to our communities as well. Small business supports their community, gives jobs and supports local economy. These are our neighbours, friends and family! 

Many small businesses come in close contact with clients and customers in smaller spaces and are at a higher risk of catching or being a carrier of the COVID-19 Virus. These business are in need of financial assistance and approved paid leave so they can implement social distancing as many are not eligible for regular EI benefits. We are hoping that this financial help does not come in the form of "loans" as this will just add to the problem and further propel these small businesses in to more debt which will put additional financial pressure on them later.

We are hoping that this will get our small, local businesses some financial relief in the form of suspending all rent for our brick and mortar stores, suspending utility bills and mortgages so that they will be saved from economical disaster. LOANS to small businesses are NOT the answer!! Financial Grants/Loans to Banks, Landlords and Utility companies will allow them to make the right decisions and suspend our rent, utility bills and mortgages while we are being forced to close our doors. 

Do the RIGHT thing. Help Save our Small Businesses Now!!