Seal off Victoria and the island from COVID now

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It's time to seal off Victoria from COVID and stop the spread of the virus. We need to be proactive and we need to act now! 

We petition the three levels of government to:

1. Shut down the Clipper and Coho from bringing the virus from Washington State. 

2. Shut the Victoria International Airport with exceptions for emergency flights.

3. Minimize all BC ferry trips to non-leisure/ out of necessity only. Minimize sailings to once per day. No Vancouver "fun" trips. Continue to allow transport of food and goods.

4. Close all Victoria and island schools, community centres, libraries, bars, night clubs and pubs.

Please look at what is happening in Italy. The doctors are having to choose who dies and who lives. We will be like them in 2 weeks if we don't act now. Let's save lives and our economy in the long-term. We cannot cripple our hospitals and our healthcare system.