Save the grey fox

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Hello everyone

My name is Rowan and I'm 10 years old. I love animals and me and my friends made a club called E'n'E which stands for endangered and extinct animals and I was looking at endangered animals in Canada and I saw a photo of grey fox pups and they were super cute and I thought why are these foxes on an endangered animals list so I looked up why and it said that grey foxes are not currently threatened as a species, but habitat loss requires them to adapt to living closer to human activity than they normally would. As individual animals, they are also at risk from trapping, hunting, and vehicle deaths, so I thought wow, that's horrible and texted my friends who were talking about making a petition so I thought why don't I make a petition and help the grey foxes!!! My friend is making a petition on all sorts of endangered animals including grey foxes so if you LOVE animals like us you can sign that one to!!! We need people to stop cutting down trees so grey foxes have a home. How would you feel if people destroyed your home and you had to find somewhere else to live? That's how these foxes feel. I'm making this petition now and not later because we don't need more endangered animals right now

-Thank you