Sanction Totalitarianism of Pro-China Patriots and Anti-Democratic Activities in Canada

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China is bent on world domination. For much of the world, the rise of China has led to growing anxiety that it poses a significant threat to international security is gradually seen. The inevitability of China ‘rising’ to achieve hegemon status, such as cultural genocide in XinJiang, ‘Orwellian’ Rule for Airlines to have name change of Taiwan unilaterally, Huawei Incident, Canadians being detained, Drones, Video Surveillance, Facial Recognition and Social Credit System and most recent Hong Kong Extradition Bills. China’s ruling Communist Party has been abruptly exerting significant influence over Hong Kong. They suppress any signs of support for the Hong Kong protesters. Totalitarian China quashes dissent. It is “the rise of rule by fear.”

“China is known globally for its efforts to influence Chinese communities and the politics of other countries,” said the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians document released Tuesday, April 9. “The Chinese government has a number of official organizations that try to influence Chinese communities and politicians to adopt pro-China positions, most prominently the United Front Work Department.”

Eric O’Neill said Chinese agents are being seen more and more as they attempt to recruit on U.S. school campuses.

National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Annual Report said the former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada’s spy agency, raised concerns about Chinese influence activities against Canadian elected officials in 2010 and that Canada’s former ambassador to China David Mulroney said in 2017, “China used diaspora groups and mobilized Chinese students to influence Canadian politics.”

China has no respect for international law. China tries to take its Totalitarian Social Control Tactics Global - 

For those who have the courage to speak out, Pro-China Patriots always find a way to shut them down or suppress any unfavorable views of China. Right to free speech is violently challenged by Pro-China Patriots and Companies abandon Liberal Value and bow to China. “White Terror” spreads through Canada almost everywhere. This is disgraceful and shameful to attack, threaten and coerce people express themselves, their own ideas and opinions at such a prestigious country. We cannot allow "White Terror" to descend upon our country. Stop bowing to China and its Unreasonable Demands. 

In regards to Hong Kong Protest Safety Concerns, Canada is not safe and not free from fear. Canadian have freedom of speech is obviously not anymore!

CCP is a tyranny that is threatening the whole World’s Civilization, Humanities & Freedom! This is a Global Fight! We should all work together to stop it to save our future!!!

It is time to sanction Corrupt and Rights-Abusing Chinese officials and Aggressive Pro-China Patriots. Pass Canada's Magnitsky Act. Please Sanction Them and Say No to China Threat, ChiNazism, China Totalitarianism and China Hegemony.