Reform Global Copyright and Licensing Laws

Reform Global Copyright and Licensing Laws

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The world is more connected than ever before but content licensing laws still remain in the past with regional copyright laws and licensing laws which causes content like TV Shows and Films not to be available in some countries.  

This causes the following issues:

  1. An increase in illegal downloads due to the user can't buy that content. That causes money loss to the producer and production company. This also sparks a sudden increase in legal costs as the content companies sue the ISP for information on the person who illegally downloaded the content.
  2. The user risk getting malware on their device due to downloading the content that they want to watch. Think Limewire.
  3. The user will not seek the content anymore if they can't find it online or they will try to seek a VPN to bypass the content block.
  4. Causes trust issues with studios 

The issue can be fixed with the following plan.

  1. The production companies put together an agreement with the big stores and streaming companies like Netflix, iTunes, and Google Play to have a global licensing agreement. If Apple could do it for the music world, then I'm sure that the filmmakers can work with companies.
  2. Enforce copyright laws and put criminal penalties for repeated violations by people and businesses. Start with fines and then recommend jail time for major and repeated offenders.
  3. Create a fair price that can be best for the majority of users and be fair for content owners. 
  4. For some content, there's maybe an agreement where that show will not be sold or streamed due to regional laws. 
  5. Any movies and tv shows that are only available on streaming services like Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Netflix and other streaming services and not available on video digital stores will be required to provide worldwide sales including Canada and USA!

  6. Also if studios, companies, or anyone who owned rights of the movies, tv shows and TV movies should be fined for putting restrictions on consumer-like having prices that are extremely high, not released on iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store and other video stores worldwide that’s including USA and Canada, unfair treatment 

  7. If any movies or tv shows that’s not available on iTunes stores, Google Play, Microsoft Stores and other video stores worldwide that’s including the USA, Canada they will be required to release the movies, tv shows, tv movies within 2 years

Perks of this plan:

  • One or fewer agreements for licensing content;
  • reduce legal costs;
  • reducing distribution costs for content owners;
  • Promotion of content to the global community;
  • Increase streaming and product sales;

We hope that companies can come together to help promote their content and reduce illegal downloads or streaming of content.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!