Re-Open Syrian Consulate in Montreal

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Syrians in Canada are appalled at the unfair and biased position by the Government of Canada towards Canadian Syrians. The government gives its ears to a segment of Canadian Syrians, while conventionally ignoring the majority of Syrian Canadians and denies them a needed access to Consular & Embassy Services like other dual citizens.

Syrians in Canada demand representation. Syrians have been sanctioned, displaced, and redistributed around the world. They made Canada their new home. However they still have families who remain in Syria who need their support. Sanctions on Syria has made it impossible to connect families, and those in Canada are traumatized not able to help their loved ones. Syrian Canadians have the right to have legal representation of their government in the form of an embassy or consulate.

Waseem Ramli was officially approved by the Canadian Government as Honarary Council  to represent Syrian Canadians in Canada through a legal and legitimate process.

His position was later revoked not because he proved unworthy in anyway, but because he expressed his perspectives as any Syrian citizen, and revoking his position for that reason doesn't align with Canadaian values of democracy and free speech.

We as Syrians in Canada fully support his assignemt and trust in him as a legal representative for all Syrians. We are not threatened by those who are defaming him and producing lies about him. We trust he will be fair to all Syrians regardless of their political stances. We Syrian Canadians demand that he is reinstated and that he is given the opprtunity to prove he is the right candidate. We Syrians in Canada demand that our voices be heard, and that the Canadian government give us a voice too and hear our request in a democratic process.

Canada supports democracy where is the democracy now? Why is the voice of the other silenced now? It is time to build peace between Canada and Syria and not increase the gap between Syrians or between Canadians.

Please re-assign Waseem Ramli to his position as Honarary Council for Syrian Canadians.