Put an end to systemic racism #justiceforneveen

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System racism has been oppressing minorities in the education and employment sector for centuries. I experienced abuse at Infocus Film School in Vancouver Canada by a school administrator. I activated the school’s dispute resolution policy and procedures to have the matter investigated. The school was not in compliance with its own protocols and abused their power using their position to frustrate me out of the school. They followed this up with all manners of harassment and intimidation. Accountability is the only justice for systematic racism to enact change. I want the Private Training Institution Branch of the government’s mandate to include independent investigations when students and staff of vocational private schools bring forward compliance claims. This is the only way that schools can be held accountable and students and staff can work and study in a hostile free environment free of racism, discrimination and abuse. I also want businesses like collection agencies to be notified about claims and for their services to be delayed until conclusive reports are finalized. It is emotionally and mentally devastating to deal with abuse and harassing calls at the same time.