Prime Minister Trudeau: End the War on People

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Dear Canada, the Global Community, Prince William and Prince Harry,

Begin the End the War on People campaign through Intervening in the Paul J James matter.

Please intervene in this matter immediately.  We plead with you as a Group.  As Individuals.  As Human Beings.   We Care.  We want you to Care.   

Paul James is on his 10th Hunger Strike to protest the discrimination delivered by his Former Employer York University. Paul will agree to come off the Hunger Strike when Canadian Parliament acknowledges the egregious procedural error made by the Canada Supreme Court of Canada and expeditiously orders the Paul James vs York University case back to the Supreme Court for a single Justice to review immediately. In the event it is not then Paul will live outside in frigid temperatures over the Xmas holiday period of 2018 on hunger strike.

Many of us are Alumni of the Canadian National Soccer Team, coaches, players and persons that have had the honor and privilege of knowing Paul J. James.  We stand resolutely beside our friend Paul J. James.  He has been fighting a "war" against extreme oppression for over 9 years. He on behalf of millions of others wants to live and to be treated as a normal Canadian citizen.  We are ashamed that the Canadian Government and collaborating Institutions do not have the moral, ethical and just fortitude to correct their errors with respect to the Paul J. James matter.   

We are mortified that Canada would permit a three time Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee to continue on his 10th Hunger Strike for a social cause without opposition to his doing so. 

Why after ten years is Paul J. James still confronting Canadian Institutions, York University, Canadian Press, the Toronto Star the National Post and Canada Soccer? JUSTICE

No disadvantaged group in the history of humanity has ever accessed human rights by conforming.  Paul came forward responsibly to seek help for a mental disability from his former employer York University and in return he was excommunicated, harassed, discriminated against, constructively dismissed and cast aside from ongoing employment and society.  After exposing his mental disability Paul was unceremoniously fired from GOL-TV for no reason despite being rated as Canada’s best TV soccer analyst.  The Canadian Establishment would like Paul and all others like him to assume the position and accept the sentence of poverty and humiliation that they have delivered on him.  

Paul suffered through nine brutally painful hunger strikes in protest to the injustice that he received without honorable, legitimate inquiry from Canadian Government officials and Politicians. The Canadian media instead, most notably the National Post and Toronto Star, publicly executed Paul, destroying his reputation and assassinating his character.  He refuses to conform and accept the fate designated by the corrupt and narrow minded Canadian establishment.  

Please read the following link and visit the Confronting The Stigma of Drug Addiction website which highlights all that Paul J. James is.  The brilliance. The passion. The panache. The intellect. The conviction.  The Genius. And the determination to give up his life to make the world a better place for the most oppressed of all groups: persons living with substance disabilities.  

We as friends and supporters do not want Paul J. James to to damage his body further through another Hunger Strike Protest.  We understand why he cannot continue to live his life as a disadvantaged, criminalized person, without even basic Human Rights and dignity that are allegedly guaranteed to all Citizens through Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  We stand by Paul in what is this breathtaking confrontation.  We pledge to continue to Confront the Stigma of Drug Addiction, through holding York University, the Toronto Star, The National Post, CBC, Maple Leafs Sport and Entertainment and Canada Soccer legally, morally, and ethically accountable for their stigmatization, discrimination and ultimately appalling abuse of a true Canadian soccer legend and such a talented, inspiring human being. 

In Solidarity,

Paul J. James Supporter Group