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PM Justin Trudeau, Order a Public Inquiry on Food Safety

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Shiv Chopra is a Canadian microbiologist and human rights advocate

He is a Canadian hero who fought for Food Sovereignty, and was fired from Health Canada in 2004 for standing up for our health and stopped rBGH, a genetically-modified hormone from being used in the Canadian dairy industry. Many problems are associated with rBGH.  Shiv Chopra supports our need for food sovereignty which Health Canada has chosen to ignore. He courageously stood up for our food safety and refused to be bullied.

After all these years the Canadian government is still persecuting Shiv Chopra, who stood up for us, against Monsanto that was pushing it for purely monetary reasons. There is no proof that rBGH is safe for human consumption. We need to stand with Shiv Chopra who truly cares about our health.

Our prime minister needs to order a Public Inquiry on Food Safety which is what Shiv Chopra is asking for. Mr. Chopra really cares about our food safety in a world where cancer has become a reality for so many.

Here is his specific request:" Petition the PM to order a public inquiry on food safety being compromised by Health Canada. Ask him to treat me the same as my two other colleagues who were also fired for publicly speaking out about it, but who were reinstated. Many people are asking this question. I have been asking the same question. It's time for the general public to do so."

Update: The Federal Court of Appeal will hear his final dismissal appeal on September 6, 2017.




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