Personal Support Workers in Crisis even BEFORE Covid 19....... where is our pay increase ?

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I applaud those companies showing their appreciation for the hard work of their employees during the Covid 19 pandemic by giving a temporary pay increase. But what about health care aides/personal support workers ??? We were in a crisis before Covid 19 ,want to Know Why?  
     It’s simple :  20yrs ago a PSW made approx. $18-19/hr . At that time, in the year 2000 , $18-19/hr was a decent wage. Fast forward 20yrs and PSW wages are $21-22 ( I realize that some long term care places pay up to $25, but this is NOT the average, it should be, that’s the whole point ) . So Twenty years ago the PSW course was full to the brim. Now the classes are empty and the schools are trying to lure people in by offering the course for free. With only an average $3 increase in pay over 20yrs , it’s not rocket science to figure out why there are no PSWs .
     We look after your loved ones and we get paid just above minimum wage. I could go into how we have an incredibly hard and very impossible job but you should know that by now. So where is OUR pay increase, and I don’t mean temporary. You think we are in a crisis with Covid 19, we already were and no one seems to care. It’s ONLY when a loved one needs long term care , that THEN , the big picture becomes clear.
     Do you know that if you were to need long term care due to a car accident or a sudden stroke EVEN IF your NOT a senior, long term care is where you go if you can not be taken care of in your home . Right now your health care aid has approx. 7-10 mins to get you toileted, cleaned up, dressed, transferred to your wheel chair ,if applicable, including ALL personal care and needs.... then they have 9-10 more people to do on a full staff day, which is scarce. When a PSW works short they could be looking after up to 15 people, so now the care you deserve has lost even more time. LET THAT SINK IN. So I ask again , where is our pay increase ??