Our government should close everything except essential services. Sign if you agree.

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They have closed all Government agencies. Malls are only cutting hours. Restaurants are still open and the list goes on. People are not taking this seriously enough. If our government has the luxury of not going to work and contracting this then why can't the regular population too?

Maybe if our government will put in place what needs to be done, a mandatory lockdown, then we can control the spread of Covid-19.  We are not far behind China, Italy, Iran, The United States and the list goes on. We are not immune. Close down businesses and give the people unemployment insurance so they can be safe too! It's time to get this process over with instead of waiting until it is too late. What does too late look like? Hospitals not having enough room and supplies for everyone. If you think it cannot happen here then read the countless stories on your social media of them too saying "we didn't think it would happen to us."

There are some of us who know that social distancing is the answer and will do it. Then there are the other half of the people who say just wash your hands and don't touch your face when you go out and you'll be fine. These people need to be told, no, that's not enough and they need the government to tell them what needs to happen. 

For those who look at the numbers and say the flu kills more people then Covid-19,  the numbers are wrong. Proof: people are not getting tested when they have all the symptoms who are in critical condition at the hosptial because they haven't travelled to said hot spots or have been in contact with someone who has. 

This is not fear mongering. This is called being PROACTIVE.  Look what happened in China after they locked everybody down. There are fewer cases. 

Please join me in telling our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that we accept his mistakes in still letting flights direct to and from China daily into our country. We accept his decisions to not protect the Canadian people at the start of this.

 But we will not accept any further delayed reactions to this outbreak. Ban all non-essential services until we can get this under control. Protect our children, our mothers and fathers and our immune compromised population. Ban all travel. Not just suggest it. 

Let's be the country who stops the spread before it got out of control. I could give many reasons as to why this needs to happen and go on about what hasn't. That is not going to help. Please sign and share.