Non immigrants who are front liners risking their lives should be grant full citizenship

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Non immigrants have taken Canada has their home and decide to join hands with the government in fighting this pandemic that has fallen on the nation we came to make our home and secure refugee. 

We working has front liners, personal support workers on field, groceries attendants, store attendants and so on; we are seeking the government to grant us citizenship and stop panic stress we are facing if we would be send back home after all this situation.

we want to have a peaceful mind in carrying out our jobs and duties without the panic of what will happen after the pandemic; we want to be called among the Canadians families and have the feelings of fighting for our country. 

we want to be sure we are safe and secure and not left out because of our status. Our children, our wife’s, our husband are all praying for the well of this country that is about to accept us.