No mandatory Covid-19 vaccine in Canada

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We are living unprecedented times, the world has come to a halt overnight, small and medium businesses shut down, schools, universities, and almost all public spaces closed, draconian measures are being used by governments and police everywhere to enforce the new laws of social distancing from fines to threats of prison time. We have seen and heard it all (in a matter of weeks).

We have managed to convince ourselves that the people whose healths are affected by a virus are much more important than the people whose lives, freedoms and livelihoods are being destroyed by this same virus.

We heard PM Justin Trudeau say last week that there will be no return to "normality" before a vaccine is available. It seems we might have forgotten to look for a cure and moved straight to finding a vaccine. 

I created this petition in hopes of stopping the possibility of a mandatory vaccine simply because I believe in one's freedom of choice.  Do you too?