Mandatory Sentencing & Judgment for Pedophiles & Sex Offenders.

Mandatory Sentencing & Judgment for Pedophiles & Sex Offenders.

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For years the Canadian Justice System has held lax judgment for Sex Offenders and Pedophiles.  

Currently Sexual Assault tried as a summary conviction offence:
6 months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Sex Offenders convicted of Sexual Assault tried as an indictable offence:
10 years in prison.  (With most getting away with way less or a slap on the wrist.)

The people who commit these crimes aren't afraid to commit them because they know that our laws regarding the subject are so forgiving. They aren't afraid of 6 months in jail and a measly fine.

If the punishment for sexual violence was  harsher and the sentences were truely just then Canada would see less of these crimes committed.

At this time we as Canadians aren't made aware of who in our communities have been convicted of Sexual Assault.

Even after commiting violent sexual acts our government and justice system grants the right of privacy to those very people who pose a threat to the good people of Canada.

Keeping the citizens of Canada the dark about who has a past of sexual violence in there own communities is a crime in its self. 

In Canada there is no Public Database containing any names or addresses showing where the government allows these types of criminals to live. 

If a public database could be put in place parents would be able to protect their children from these predators and Canada would see see less repeat offenders overall.

More often than not these convicted criminal's time in prison gets shortened and they are released into society early. This isn't a justice to anyone, not the victim, not the families of the abused, and not to our communities or country as a whole.

There is no known cure for people who commit these acts. They can't be rehabilitated properly into society. Every year multiple repeat offenders are being put back into our communities. Our children are put at risk and our government has made no action to solve or remedy the issue.

We need our government to to do a better job of keeping us safe and informed.


We ask Justin Trudeau to make changes to the Criminal Justice System Of Canada.

• We ask for a higher mandatory minimum sentencing for sexual violence.

• We ask that it be made mandatory for criminals convicted of sexual crimes be made to serve their full sentences.

• We ask that sexual crimes against children to have it's own separate charge & Mandatory Minimum Sentencing. ie (Sexual Assault involving a child.) People who choose abuse children should get a more severe charge/sentence. 

• We ask that a Public Database be created with the Names, Pictures, and Addresses of Sex Offenders and Pedophiles.

• Lastly we ask for notices to be sent to each home in communities where a Sex Offender has taken residence.


Sign this petition help make Canada a safer and more Just country.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!