Make Peace, Not War: Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in Ethiopia!

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We are a diverse community of Ethiopian Diasporas and friends of Ethiopia writing to alert you about the current escalation of military conflict in the Northern part of Ethiopia. 

In the last three years, millions of civilians have been displaced and thousands  have been killed by aggressive forces. More recently, a serious escalation of conflict has erupted in the country. It has developed into a full-fledged war, involving military forces and air strike bombings.  

This war will destroy neighbourhoods, destabilize the country, and potentially the entire region. We urge the international community, and in particular the Ethiopian community to stand together to condemn all acts of violence against innocent civilians.  

As Ethiopian Diasporas, and friends of Ethiopia, we ask the Canadian government and international stakeholders to join us in demanding a cessation of war, and call for all parties to engage in peaceful resolution through dialogue.