Make Alberta/Canada fur free!

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Many countries and cities have banned the sale and manufacture of fur. New York may be the most recent to go fur free and Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are the most recent brands which is huge. So what about Canada?

Each year, more than 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals, including foxes, seals, mink and even dogs, are raised on fur farms or trapped in the wild and killed for their pelts.
It takes 30-200 animals, depending on the type of animal, to make just one fur coat.
Animals such as minks are killed by gassing, violent neck breaking or poisoning; all slow grueling deaths.

Canadians are better than this. Yes the climate gets cold but there is no reason to wear someone else's skin to keep warm! Brands like Canada Goose profit off the cruel death of others.

Tell our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that it's time for Alberta and Canada to go fur free! Please sign and share this petition today!