Legislate Canada Post Back To Work

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The Canada Post strike that started on October 23rd sets a precedent that unions can hold hostage an entire country just because they aren’t getting what they want. Canada Post is an essential service in this age of online shopping and legalized marijuana sent by mail, if left to continue into November, then Black Friday / Cyber Monday will greatly impact the economy and especially small businesses that rely on them for shipping. 

Though the postal workers want you to only think about the mandatory overtime they’re trying to avoid being added to their contracts, they’re also trying to get a 3.5% raise across the board every year which is 1.3% higher than the average was in Canada this past year. Make no mistake, this isn’t JUST about overtime, its about greed and the country shouldn’t have to suffer every time this happens. It gives unions a bad name and leaves a bad taste in the mouth’s of Canadians that use and depend on Canada Post.

Their last strike in 2013 lasted two weeks before they were legislated back to work. Please do the same so that they can get back to work and the country can get back to functioning correctly.