Leave legal firearms owners alone and stop treating us like criminals

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I want Canadian Government to leave legal firearms owners alone! Stop trying to persuade/attack legal firearms owners for the actions of unlicensed criminals such as in Nova Scotia's recent shootings and invest Canadian funds into developments to curb illegal and criminal activity rather than buy back programs and punishments for legal firearms owners.  I want them to realize that we are not criminals because we own firearms for various legal sport shooting activities and that attacking responsible legal firearms owners will affect their political careers, by way of losing support in elections due to their actions as by supporting any bill to violate responsible owners. Firearms are not capable of committing a crime, people commit crimes. Make "people" responsible for their actions, implement harsher penalties and punishments for violating laws and for criminal acts in general. Make zero tolerance legislation for those that commit criminal acts, implement the ability to defend your property to deter criminal acts within reasonable limits. Take away criminal rights if they envade someone's property. As I see it if they have taken the time to think enough to commit a crime, then they should forfeit their rights due to their actions rather than punishment to the person trying to defend their property and their safety.

Even if you don't believe/support  firearms rights believe in what rights you have and educate yourself on how Trudeau not only went around the democratic process to achieve this.He also made exceptions to who it applies  which is wrong. Take a few minutes educate yourself in the process in which one must go to obtain a pal or rpal. Just because this petition may not directly affect you today. Does not mean the process by which this legislation was achieved will not affect you tomorrow. 

Please take a moment and back this petition as well we all need to work together to be heard.