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Update Canada's Archaic Animal Transport Regulations

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A breaking Mercy For Animals investigation at Western Hog Exchange — a pig assembly yard in Alberta — reveals shocking animal abuse and neglect within the livestock transportation industry.

MFA's hidden-camera footage reveals:

-     "Downed" pigs unable to walk, suffering with open wounds and injuries, being painfully shocked by workers in full view of government inspectors

-     Pigs who had died in transport after suffering long, grueling journeys on overcrowded trucks without weather protection

-     Sick and injured pigs repeatedly kicked, violently beaten, dragged, and left to suffer without proper veterinary care

-     Workers using bolt cutters to break through the tusks of male pigs, which are filled with sensitive nerves, without any painkillers

Unfortunately, these abuses are merely a glimpse into the cruel and inhumane treatment that farmed animals are all too often subjected to during transport in Canada. 

Canada's outdated livestock transport regulations are downright disgraceful. We lag behind the rest of the Western world and allow farmed animals to be trucked thousands of kilometres for up to 52 hours without any food, water, or rest. As a result, millions of animals suffer agonizing deaths from dehydration, starvation, suffocation, and severe injuries due to overcrowding.

For eight years the Agriculture Ministry has been promising to update Canada's shameful transport regulations, but has continued to delay and drag its feet while millions of animals suffer miserably. The foot dragging must stop. The time for action is now.

Please join Mercy For Animals in calling on Minister MacAulay to immediately modernize Canada's animal transport regulations and improve the enforcement of these regulations.

Thank you.

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