Justice for Native fishermen subjected to violence

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Native fishermen in Nova Scotia are being targeted for violence and vandalism, their lives endangered, property and livelihoods destroyed.  The RCMP are doing nothing to protect the fishermen who are simply exercising their treaty rights to a moderate-livelihood fishery.

Boats have been burnt, lobster pounds destroyed and the catch gone to waste, Native fishermen have been assaulted and violent threats made.

It seems obvious that if this was a dispute between two groups of white fishermen, the instigators would be swiftly dealt with. The RCMP are supposedly there to serve and protect, make them do their jobs!

This situation is the result of generations of ignorance and racism and is quite frankly unacceptable in Canada in 2020.  I for one, am ashamed of how this country fails our indigenous peoples while patting ourselves on the back about human rights.

Mr. Prime Minister, the ball is in your court.  You've been all pretty words and no action on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action, implementing only 9 out of 94 calls to action. Will you step up to the plate now, and protect the lives and families of these Native Nova Scotians?