Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN’s) can help with Covid-19.

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As Covid-19 ravages through Canada, our Frontline Healthcare workers will be needing support in the coming days. This in addition to the shortage our Healthcare system is already dealing with to deal with the needs of our aging population. This Petition is to allow IEN’s to practice in Canada in a nursing capacity (Either as an HCA/PSW, LPN, or RN). Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN’s) are experienced, trained, and ready to help. They vary from newly graduated to having many years of experience in their home countries. Where are these people? They are either in school or working menial Jobs because Canada does not recognize their education and experience. It takes an IEN an average of 2 years to go through the roller coaster of requirements in order to have the opportunity to be a Registered Nurse in Canada. An IEN with 20 years of Nursing experience is not even allowed to be a Personal Support Worker or Health Care Assistant unless they take a certificate program, which of course cost money and valuable time. IEN’s can help with the Covid-19 crisis. Give them the opportunity to help Canada in our time of need.