Hold terrorists accountable for their actions

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 We demand that the people elected by the people of Canada to represent ALL of us stop allowing small groups of people to perform acts of domestic terrorism against the citizens of Canada. 

 Protest is a right of every Canadian but when that protest blocks commerce, has regular citizens blocked from going about their daily activites, citizens assaulted by protesters, police vehicles damaged(which are owned by the Canadian taxpayer), and traps laid with the intent of causing damage and bodily harm ( trees partially cut and bridge beams sabotaged, spikes on public roadways), this is not protest but domestic terrorism.

 We demand it be recognized as such and dealt with accordingly regardless of the participants ancestral heritage, including participants being made to pay all costs associated with enforcing court injunctions including and damages to private,public,or government property.

 We are all Canadians and  will not allow our rights to go about our lawfull affairs unmolested be taken away.